New DiBT approval for iMPREG-Liner GL16

Constant development pays off: we are proud to announce that the new DiBT approval (National technical approval for construction products and construction types) has certified a long-term E-module E50 of 13,000 N/mm² (before: 12,630 N/mm²) and a long-term flexural strength σ50 of 204 N/mm² (before: 200 N/mm²) for our iMPREG Liner GL16. Further, the reduction factor A1 is now 1.2.
Please access this link to download our latest DiBT (German version):

Officially approved by the WRc

WRc_ApprovalWe are proud to announce that our new UV liner, the iMPREG liner GL16, has been officially approved by the WRc!
Further, the existing approval of our iMPREG liners GL01 and GL13 has been extended!
You can find the certificate

Rehabilitation of a canal with UV Lining means the least impact on the infrastructure

“Holidays with the iMPREG Liner”
Our customer Hidrotec proofs this where other people went on holiday: 70 meters of canal were renovated in a Spanish holiday resort in Calafell on the Mediterranean, without having to carry out major construction work on site. The plant operators and their guests benefited from the UV-based rehabilitation process through our iMPREG liner: the action was carried out quickly and cleanly.
After all, who wants to be bothered on vacation with construction noise and pollution?

Good work, Hidrotec!

The iMPREG -liner in Andalusia

The iMPREG -liner in Andalusia

In front of the historical scenery of Córdoba and Cáceres we have installed the first iMPREG liner with our new customer Magtel.

In spite of three inaccessible intermediate manholes and tight installation spaces, Magtel has successfully installed an iMPREG liner GL01, DN 300, WD 5 mm, 44 m in Córdoba. Subsequently, he installed a GL01, DN 500, WD 4 mm, 65 m in a rainwater pipe in Cáceres.

Since these were the first installations of UV liners in Andalusia, they were closely followed by numerous engineering firms from Córdoba and the region as well as representatives from regional water authorities.

Congratulation to José María Gil Montaño and his team from Magtel!

Rehabilitations with a limited time frame

Rehabilitations with a limited time frame such as the ones taking place on airports always require the fastest and most efficient method – no matter if they need to be done above or under the ground. Our client Viabuild! has successfully installed several iMPREG-Liners ranging from DN 1000 up to DN 1500 at Brussels Airport! We are always very proud of being part of such challenging and efficient projects!

New Business Development Manager for Asia Pacific

iMPREG (Suzhou), Co., Ltd. is very proud to introduce Kevin Woolf as their new Business Development Manager.

Kevin is based in Sydney, Australia, and will be covering the whole Asia Pacific region. He will develop our international business activities along with our local Business Development Manager Kirk Du who is responsible for the Chinese market.

Kevin is known by the industry as a hands on guy and has more than 10 years of profound experience in the drainage industry in England and Australia.
He has a very deep and practical knowledge of the whole pipe relining technology including UV liners, water inversion, and robotics as well as CCTV and cutting.

For any inquiry please contact Kevin Woolf:
Mobile: +61 402 032 831

We are very pleased to have Kevin Woolf as our new Business Development Manager on board and we are looking forward to further develop our business activities in the Asian Pacific region.

iMPREG Group, June 2017

First time glass fiber reinforce liner installation in New York City

IMG_0407First time glass fiber reinforce liner installation in New York City from our customer EN-TECH Corp using our iMPREGLiner.

EN-TECH had the opportunity to present the environmental rehabilitation of sewers with UV-curing glass as a live installation:

Nearly 30 representatives of the DDC (Department of Design and Construction) and the DEP (Department of Environmental Protection) were able to see for themselves of the handling, quality and environmental friendliness of the system.

Read full article published in Trenchless Technology, November 2016

Read UV-Cured GFR Liners Used in The Big Apple as PDF.
IMG_0408 IMG_0405



iMPREG-4410+1_bea (NXPowerLite)The significant expansion of the iMPREG Group in international markets and a considerable increase in the number of construction teams requiring supervision also place a particularly strong demand on our application engineers. In addition, our engineers are working on jobs in distant countries for prolonged periods of time on an increasingly frequent basis.

We have therefore also adopted forward-looking measures in the field of application engineering, which is of utmost importance when it comes to training both existing and new customers. As previously reported, Oliver Vorlop, a long-standing employee of the iMPREG Group, took over the management of our Application Engineering department approximately one year ago. Since then, the focus of his work has been placed on the crucial area of the training and further education of the growing team of iMPREG application engineers.

When it comes to remote international business in particular, it is of great importance to know that experienced employees are on site and are able to offer reliable and professional support on even the most demanding construction sites at all times, while also being able to independently make the right decisions in possible critical situations.

This is what led to the recruitment of a team of application engineers specifically for the rapidly growing market in China in spring 2016. Under the supervision of our application engineer Daniel Schuster, the team has since been fully trained at our factory in Germany and on selected construction sites run by our German users. Daniel Schuster is also responsible for providing continued support and training for the team in China in order to ensure that our users there receive competent assistance in accordance with the “Made in Germany” quality expected from iMPREG at all times.

After already strengthening our Application Engineering department by welcoming Patrick Benkenstein in October 2015, we introduced another experienced engineer, Jeroen Jacobs, to our team in May 2016. Jeroen worked as a member of the sewer rehabilitation crew of an iMPREG user for many years before taking on the responsibility of supporting and training the construction teams of existing and new international customers for a fellow manufacturer of GRP pipe liners. This background enables him to bring extensive knowledge and excellent contacts to his role within the iMPREG Group and as a result, his positive impact on our own team also helps to benefit you as our customer!

You can find the contact details of our Application Engineering department on our website here.

iMPREG Group expands internationally and has a new main shareholder

The iMPREG Group reinforces its position on the international market at the start of the year. Long-planned expansion into the Asian, South American and North American regions and into European markets goes hand in hand with a restructuring of the company’s ownership. The company is improving its position on the global relining market together with a new main shareholder, the Danish BWB Group.

The BWB Group acquired a share package from the previous owner Ivan Bjerg-Larsen and has been the majority shareholder at iMPREG since January 2016. It was of the utmost importance to Ivan Bjerg-Larsen to bring a strong partner on board as part of the company’s international repositioning. The high-tech company, the holding company of which has its headquarters in Denmark and a production plant in Germany, will retain both Ivan Bjerg-Larsen as well as Robert Papp as shareholders of iMPREG.

Above-average growth in new markets

The relining sector is focussing on the Asian as well as on the North and South American regions, which offer enormous potential and promise above-average growth rates. The iMPREG Group will expand its development of these promising future markets in the coming years. Furthermore, the Group will also reinforce its presences in the European markets that have been growing for many years.

Future-proof structures in Engineering and in Sales, coupled with an experienced team of motivated and expert employees, already form a promising basis for the upcoming expansion. Activities are already well under way particularly in the USA and China and branch offices are being set up there. The opening of a new production plant is planned for mid-2016 to ensure fast delivery to the Australian and Asian markets. The USA is also included in a strategy that aims optimum penetration of the entire American continent.

The BWB Group as a neutral partner

The opening up of international overseas markets offers massive opportunities for the iMPREG Group. As a medium-sized company, iMPREG will face new opportunities and new challenges. Expansion in developing markets will be particularly challenging and the iMPREG Group will have to tackle new tasks and problems with far-reaching consequences.

iMPREG looked around for a neutral partner to strongly address the vagaries of the new markets from the outset. Comprehensive international expertise and experience and knowledge of the business conditions, mentality and other core sectors in the key markets were all key factors influencing the choice of the new main shareholder. The new owner will also act as an investor, offering the iMPREG Group a broad financial framework for its global expansion.