Proud moments: IMPREG honors long-time employees and one very special anniversary

Proud moments for six employees

Nowadays, working for the same employee over a long number of years has become something quite unusual. All the more reason for us to be delighted that in the last year alone six colleagues celebrated their 10 or 20 year anniversaries with the company.

Honor Robert Papp

Robert Papp, joint founder of IMPREG GmbH, celebrated his 20 year anniversary with the company at the end of 2020. He rightly looks back on this period with pride. The beginnings of IMPREG were very modest. Back then just a handful of people worked at IMPREG. The first successes in those early days were achieved with the IMPREGLiner for steam curing. But it was the change from the steam liner to the UV liner which provided the decisive breakthrough. With this major step, Robert Papp set the course for the success of IMPREG GmbH.

Today the IMPREGLiner is synonymous worldwide for quality, and is the gold standard in trenchless sewer rehabilitation. This has been Papp’s great service to the company, and, thanks to his perseverance, pioneering spirit, and inventiveness, IMPREG has become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of GRP pipe liners.

In the meantime IMPREG GmbH has become a member of the IMPREG Group, and is represented in additional locations in China and the USA where the IMPREGLiner, with its striking yellow outer foil, is manufactured.

Honor Oliver Vorlop

For industry experts, Oliver Vorlop is anything but unknown. As Head of Application Engineering, he has now been part of IMPREG GmbH for 10 years. He learnt and perfected his trade from the ground up. He gained his first experiences in UV technology as a foreman in a UV-plant. And he also acquired further expert knowledge directly as an application engineer and as a foreman on numerous construction sites.

Our customers welcome the support of Oliver Vorlop and his team for sewer rehabilitation projects which are out of the ordinary, and sometimes under the most adverse operating conditions. Through his accurate and exemplary working method and his huge wealth of experience, since July 2010 he has significantly contributed to the success of IMPREG.

Four production employees also celebrated 10 years at IMPREG.
– Alexander Kautz (Team leader Carpentry Ammerbuch),
– Willi Burkhardt 
– Viktor Zich 
(Workd traffic Gärtringen) und
– Radoslaw Karwacki 
(Plant Manager Impregnation).

That is something special

Proud moments IMPREG honors long-time employees and one very special anniversaryNowadays it is quite unusual to remain true to one’s employer for so long. Many years’ experience in the manufacture of the IMPREGLiner mean that it is quicker to train new colleagues, who benefit from this wealth of knowledge and experience from the very first day. During their 10 years of loyalty and commitment, these anniversary colleagues have contributed to and shared the steadily growing success of IMPREG.

We congratulate them, and their achievement makes us very proud and grateful. Unfortunately, present circumstances made the planned official tribute impossible. However, our anniversary colleagues were appropriately honoured with a gift and a certificate.