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CIPP Consultancy for high-tech trenchless wastewater rehabilitation
Effective, rapid, economical – those are the terms which define the future of pipe and sewer rehabilitation. We at IMPREG are one of the leading companies in this sector. Since our beginnings at the end of the 1990s, we have used a fibreglass fabric which we specifically developed ourselves. Today more than 70% of the trenchless pipe and sewer rehabilitations are performed using CIPP liners based on fibreglass fabric.

The IMPREG liner GL16

The innovative

The GL16 opens completely new possibilities, above all for very large pipe diameters.

The advantages of a trenchless pipe and sewer rehabilitation using IMPREG liners

Consultancy Sewer rehabilitators

The future decides

IMPREG CIPP liners are future-oriented high-tech products which provide all options for the rapid, effective, and economical rehabilitation of pipes of very differing diameters. With our liners, we at IMPREG set new standards, especially in large formats from DN 1200 upwards. IMPREG CIPP liners are fully usable for all profiles, such as egg-shape, mouth, or box-shape profiles, and for most special profiles.

Consultancy Industry

Everything is possible

Pipe and sewer rehabilitation in industrial plants is subject to quite unique conditions. As a rule, the available space is restricted, or else access to the pipes is not possible, because they are underneath equipment or buildings.
In this case, the sole solution is trenchless rehabilitation using pipe liners. Quick, effective, economical. There is no interruption to production processes, and there is no need to bring manufacturing plant to a stop. We at IMPREG can even rapidly and effectively rehabilitate pipes which carry aggressive or higher-temperature waste waters.

Cities, municipalities, and engineering offices

High effectiveness, little disturbance

In the cities and local authorities of Germany alone, the sewer network has a length of at least 500,000 kilometres (not including private waste water pipes). It is estimated that around 40% of these pipes require rehabilitation in the short to medium term. By excavation? That is barely possible, but anyway completely unnecessary. Using the high-tech CIPP liner systems for UV-curing from IMPREG, fragile and dilapidated pipes can be rehabilitated quickly, effectively, and economically. The high-tech CIPP liners from IMPREG are simply inserted into the pipes via the manholes, and cured using UV light. The rehabilitated pipe can be returned to operation immediately after curing. Up to 3 pipes can be rehabilitated in a single day.

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