158m GRP-Inliner Rehabilitation in Vienna

Numbers & Facts

Culvert with a dry weather flow channel
Location: Vienna, Autria
Length: 158 m
DN: 1300
WT: 9,2 mm

UV-cured GRP inliner rehabilitation in Vienna

Our IMPREG Liner GL16 was successfully used in Austria for the renovation of a GRP inliner with UV curing. The location was Vienna Simmering, or more specifically, Wiener Linien’s central workshops. This site covers about 270,000 m², and over 1,000 employees work from here to keep Vienna’s infrastructure mobile.

Among the assignments of Wiener Linien’s central workshops in Vienna Simmering was the construction of a culvert with a dry weather flow channel (a dry weather channel had already been incorporated into the profile beforehand). This material is designed to ensure that dry weather runoff drains more efficiently. In addition, our IMPREG Liner GL 16 reduces the buildup of sediment caused by solids in the drainage pipe.

Custom-made profiles are one of our specialties

Are there profiles suitable for a wide range of pipes, tunnels, or channels? Of course, there are! Our IMPREG liners are an industry-leading technology that can easily be applied to any profile, no matter how complex, as seen in this case. Together with our partner Swietelsky-Faber GmbH, we were able to demonstrate this once again.

  • Location / Construction site: Vienna Simmering
  • Total length of the Tunnel: 158 m
  • Contractor: Swietelsky-Faber GmbH
  • Installation of a GRP liner:: for curing or rehabilitation of a tunnel profile (1.20m wide & 1.30m high)
  • Dry weather channel: DN 400 in the inverted area
  • Curing: 12×1000 Watt
  • Product: IMPREG Liner GL16
  • Profile: DN 1300 with a total weight of 13t

The GRP liner renovation – Watch the video

The client, Wiener Linien, was extremely satisfied with the result of the installation once the project had been completed.
Big praise goes to Swietelsky-Faber GmbH, especially the Freilassing branch, for the great collaboration.
Please watch this outstanding video about the project, which we have linked here.

We are grateful for your trust in us and our highly successful partnership. As we look forward to future projects, we are excited about what lies ahead