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Expert CIPP Lining Services

Leading the way … that applies just as much to our high-tech CIPP liner as to our support and services. Our expert support ist exemplary for every project.


Support right from the start

Even before planning a pipe or sewer rehabilitation, we are available with all our know-how and experience from countless projects.

Individual training programme

If you require, for special projects we develop a detailed training programme individually optimised to your specific requirements.


Experienced application engineers from IMPREG support the first installations directly on the construction site.

Training in theory
and practice

Before the implementation of the first project, every construction site team and responsible site managers receive a well-founded training session in theory and practice, either in our works or directly at your site.

Application engineering

Future applied correctly

From simple to complex – with their know-how and unique expertise, our application engineers support pipe and sewer rehabilitation projects in Germany and throughout the world.

As a new customer, attend a well-founded training session at our works and find out how we already implement the trenchless pipe rehabilitation of the future, using IMPREG liners. Our application engineers are onsite for your first project, and support you with advice and assistance during the installation of the IMPREG liner.

We are, of course, available at any time for questions and requests relating to the correct selection of the technology and equipment to achieve an effective installation.

Rental park services

It's very simple - Rent

From a UV curing system, to packers, to a hydraulic conveyor belt with a folding device, we support our project partners with a comprehensive range of equipment, in order to implement a pipe or sewer rehabilitation project quickly, efficiently, and in a future-oriented way.

Works and construction site visit

Experience it and be convinced

Just a stone’s throw from Tübingen, our head office and one of our production plants are located in Ammerbuch. Here, during a works visit, you can experience the various manufacturing stages of our high-tech CIPP liners for UV curing, and convince yourself of the outstanding quality and future-proofing of our technology.

Our experts are at your disposal, and will expertly advise you about everything related to a planned rehabilitation.

Construction site visit

During an onsite visit to one of our customers in your area, we will be happy to demonstrate to you how simply, rapidly, and efficiently the installation of our high-tech CIPP liners proceeds.

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Katrin Letzgus-Danhach
Head of sales

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