Additional products

Perfect in the team

Any individual is only as good as the team, that’s why there are additional products which guarantee perfect performance of the high-tech pipe liners from IMPREG.

Protective skin

The IMPREG gliding foil works like a protective skin on the underside of the liner, and guarantees that the CIPP liner is inserted correctly into the pipe.

Glide foil

The job of the gliding foil

During the preliminary tasks, robot technology is used to clear obstructions from the pipe. In spite of this, residual sharp edges may damage the pipe liner during insertion, resulting in leaks. The IMPREG gliding foil is applied to the base of the pipe; this safely covers sharp edges and other possible obstructions.

The characteristics of the gliding foil

The IMPREG gliding foil has low friction, as a result of which the insertion forces when inserting the liner are reduced considerably.

An additional lubricant, used between the gliding foil and the pipe liner, eases even the insertion of liners with large diameters.

Everything considered

In order to install the IMPREG high-tech CIPP liner easily and correctly, and to prevent overexpansion, we have considered everything. Even the areas in the manhole and intermediate manhole area.

Safety caps

In the manhole area...

… we use specially developed safety caps made from particularly hard-wearing and tear-resistant PVC material in a standard length of 1.50 m.

In the intermediate manhole area...

… we use safety caps, which are in addition equipped with a zip-fastening mechanism. These supporting caps are fixed to the base of the pipe, and then closed after the insertion of the CIPP liner. For inaccessible intermediate manholes, the safety caps can be installed in advance.

Re-usable airlock

Supportive additional products: Specially developed for the efficient installation of our high-tech CIPP liners. The re-usable airlock simplifies the installation of the light sources when the liner is opened to full cross-section. Simply order the multi-use airlock directly from IMPREG.

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