IMPREGLiner – First choice

Facts & Figures

Egg-shape T-100 pipe
Location: Paris, France
Length: 345 m
DN: 1000/630
WT: 9.5 mm

Trenchless UV Relining in the heart of Paris

Our customer Terideal has rehabilitated an egg-shaped T100 pipe (1000/630) in the center of Paris on behalf of the municipality of Maison Laffitte.

The Challenge

Heavy traffic, time pressure and the location of the Host pipe required an efficient and economical rehabilitation of the 345m long sewer. In the Rue Jacques Coeur, in the middle of the 4th arrondissement of the world metropolis Paris, there is a high volume of people and traffic day and night, and the sewer to be rehabilitated was 5 – 5.5 m underground, which equates to an excavation of 1,195 cubic meters would have come.

Trenchless pipe liner rehabilitation

Environmentally friendly and low disruption for the residents were aspects that led to the decision in favor of trenchless rehabilitation, and the high efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the rehabilitation process, also spoke in favor of it.
The municipality of Maisons Laffitte has been using trenchless UV technology for many years, which offers a high degree of flexibility for pipe liners in terms of diameter (DN 150 – DN 2000), profile (circle, egg, mouth, box) due to past long-term experience.

Installation by specialists

The installation of several IMPREGLiners over a total length of 345 m by our customer Terideal, which are certified specialist (NF 390 CSTB) for the installation of our IMPREG Liners, went smoothly. With the Prokasro Power UV system, the renovation was successfully completed within a week. Success factors were the know-how of the technical construction team, the trust in our CIPP-Liner and the good cooperation of all those involved.