Again in 2022 we see ourselves as a top training company for young people and the development of our employees!

Train skilled workers ourselves

In many branches there is a shortage of skilled workers and over-academization, and that is why good training companies are even more crucial than ever. Especially the trades and crafts, civil engineering and rehabilitation industry are vital and offer future-proof jobs. This is another reason why IMPREG takes its role as an attractive training company for the younger generation very seriously.

It is our philosophy to place our “employees at the centre” 100%. Consequently, we also promote the professional development as well as the best career opportunities of our employees. In this way, we enhance employee satisfaction and at the same time ensure a continuous increase in quality throughout the entire team. Awards such as “Top Employer” acknowledege our work and motivate us to continue on our chosen path.


IMPREG as a training company

As a training company, IMPREG regularly awards “apprenticeships” to aspiring workers. The aim is to introduce young people to the renovation industry and working life in the most effective manner. During the course of their apprenticeship, the young apprentices are able to…

Ideally, the trainees will remain an integral part of the IMPREG Team after completing their training.

To achieve these goals, leadership skills and the best qualifications of our trainers are important. For this reason, Impreg is willing to finance the completion of a training certificate for those employees who are interested in improving their skills. This year, three employees took advantage of this offer.


IHK training certificate (AEVO)

New qualified trainer for Training company IMPREGThe opportunity for training and the further education of our employees is a priority to us. We also welcome your suggestions for further training courses, for example from the IHK. For instance, IMPREG has paid for the trainer’s license or course of instruction IHK (AEVO) for three employees so far.

The course, which lasts several weeks, covers 4 fields of activity, which must be passed in a theoretical and practical examination.

By law, it is not obligatory for a company to take over the costs of a training, but for Impreg it is a given. It is also part of our commitment to organize these courses and to to grant our employees time off to take the exams. We also provide a company car in order to attend classes and the exams.

This year our three course participants were:

  1. Markus Wahl (Shift manager in Gärtringen, since 2008 at IMPREG)
  2. Besnik Gllogjani (Head of Logistic  in Gärtringen, since 2021 at IMPREG)
  3. René Hermann (Shift manager in Ammerbuch, since 2011 at IMPREG)


The training company department is growing, expanding from year to year

We are happy to have three newly certified trainers in our ranks, as all of our course participants passed successfully – congratulations!

 „I took the training certificate because I have always enjoyed passing on the knowledge I have acquired and can now do the same with the “younger” generation.“

“I can now use it to train in any company in Germany and parts of the EU.”

Certified IHK training license 2022 for IMPREG employeesNow we are even more widely and competently positioned for the future. As many qualified future employees as imaginable should continue to find their way to IMPREG and get a lot of practice, but also have fun.

The qualification of our three employees greatly helps us in this!