IMPREG’s 1st Trainee Day was full of action and suspense.

First trainee day with an exciting mission

Community spirit, growing together, and getting to know each other better stood in the focus of our Trainee-day. To do so, we organized an exciting event in Reutlingen.


Escape Room instead of CIPP-Liners

IMPREG Trainee Day at Paralox Reutlingen Luca KrellWe started around 12:30 in Ammerbuch, together we made our way to the Paralox Escape Room in Reutlingen. As Training managers Alex and Anne, we were very enthusiastic about what awaited us with our Trainees Okan and Luca.

In the first Room “Sherlock” we slipped into Scotland Yard Characters to find the first clues to exonerate Sherlock. We had 60 minutes to solve riddles and crack codes and the clock was ticking. We made it in 55 minutes!

After a short break we changed into the Role of Journalists of a tabloid on a hot trail. We had to get to the bottom of things because a fortune teller was said to be visited by a demon. Since we had mastered the first room we were on a roll, and despite the Higher level of difficulty, we completed this room in 54 Minutes.


Delicious reward

Trainee Day Graduation in Tübingen at CoyoteAfter the strenuous brainwork we rewarded ourselves with a reviving meal at the Mexican restaurant “Coyote”. We enjoyed the time there and let our exciting day come to a close.

We returned to IMPREG in Ammerbuch early in the evening.
Everyone of us found the day was extraordinary. Due to our good teamwork, we achieved an excellent accomplishment.

All in all an incredible experience and a great variation to the normal Trainee day .