Beata Schmidgall receives certificate for the accomplished class in further education for export management by the IHK.

Employee Education

Giving our employees the best possible educational advantage for their career is very important for us. As one of the leading industrial companies we do our best to evolve with innovative ways to keep moving forward. Our success is based on the creative, inventive, and reliable educating partners along with the dedication and competence of our Team.

Consequently, we offer our employees a wide variety on additional training and Schooling, always having a listening ear for any suggestions from our Team. So we were very glad to oblige the wish for an IHK-schooling. We are proud to announce that our Team in the order processing department now has a certified export manager.


Course at the IHK Northern Black Forest

The 3-month Certification class for “Export manager IHK” conveys expertise on customs and foreign trade. The main focus of these courses were: responsibilities and explicit processes in export, shipment and logistics.

The courses schooled in complex subjects in practical facts such as:

For a successful graduation of the class, an exam had to be passed.



Erfolgreich bestandener IHK-Zeritifikatslehrgang für unsere Auftragsbearbeiterin BeataBeata Schmidgall completed the course and passed the exam successfully. We are very happy for our co-worker and congratulate her sincerely to the passed exam for export management IHK. ­

Best Customer Service: Our UV-curing CIPP liners are installed all over the world. We appreciate all the more the further training of our colleague to become an export manager IHK.This makes our order processing team even more competent and raises the quality of our customer service.