Training for application technicians with extensive and demanding theoretical and practical content.


Not only does IMPREG want to keep this Motto for our UV Liners, but also for the training of our customers. We were able to Train the Company Foth Support in Ammerbuch for three days. Company founder, Waldemar Foth and his employee Dmitrij Schulga, recieved insight into the Production of IMPREG Liners and Quality control. Together with our experienced application technology Team (Led by Oliver Vorlop), Waldemar and Dimitrij were able to
Work with the IMPREGLiner in DN300 to DN500 and DN1200 to DN1500 on our Testing grounds. The received Training certificates, presented by Roland Hahn, Head of Liner -Technology, were more than deserved by Waldemar and Dimitrij!

The Foth Support Company assists the executing Companies in the installation of different types of pipe liners.
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