The renowned UK trade magazine TRENCHLESS WORKS has published our Success Story!


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In the latest issue of May 2022, we are very proud to have been featured in a 5 page IMPREG Success Story.

TRENCHLESS WORKS Digital Magazin Cover mit IMPREG Erfolgsgeschichte in der Ausgabe Mai 2022

IMPREG Success Story

In 1999, IMPREG laid the foundation for its success story. An investor group of six shareholders recognized the importance of trenchless pipe and sewer rehabilitation with hose liner solution as a growing technology of the future. So they founded IMPREG Holding ApS (for steam-curing liners) as an umbrella company with a core market in Germany and the EMEA economic region.

A few years later, they recognised the trend and advantages of UV-curable vapour-cured liners. As a result, from 2002 onwards the company concentrated completely on the production of GRP hose liners. The high focus on the more environmentally, friendly and efficient variant with CIPP pipe liners was groundbreaking and sold successfully worldwide.
IMPREG is now the world’s leading manufacturer of CIPP Liners for trenchless pipe and sewer rehabilitation.


Worldwide expansion

Due to the high international demand for IMPREG liners, the company decided to expand its (production) sites worldwide. Thus the IMPREG Group opened up the economic region APAC in 2016 and later AMERICAS in 2019.

This has created independent production sites in Suzhou (China) and Richmond (Virginia, USA), so that these markets can be served quickly and locally by IMPREG. The high demand for the IMPREG liner is being met with additional sales locations in Australia, California and the UK.


IMPREG Artikel in der Trenchless Works UK zur Historie und CIPP LinerA guarantor for this success is our Managing Director Robert Papp! Thanks to his vision, motivation and innovation, he built IMPREG into a global player that today employs over 350 people. He successively improved the IMPREG liner for innovative high-tech solutions and built up a highly-skilled Team auf.

What makes the IMPREG success story even more remarkable is that it was realised without much support from local partners or local networks. Thus, contacts and collaborations had to be established first.

Read the complete report by TRENCHLESS WORKS in their magazine or the excerpt by clicking on the PDF.