Robert Papp – the end of a cherished era

Robert Papp, IMPREG founder and long-time COO of the IMPREG Group, is stepping down from his operational posts.

For over 22 years he was the driving force behind our IMPREG success story. Thanks to his tireless efforts to develop innovative pipe liner solutions with UV technology, a small German company became a worldwide leading pipe liner manufacturer.


Success story and turning point

In 1999, a group of investors recognized the significant potential of innovative pipe liner technology as a solution for trenchless pipe and sewer rehabilitation. In the same year, production of our first IMPREG liners for steam curing began. This was followed in 2001 by the opening of a new production site in Deckenpfronn, Swabia in Southwest Germany.

The year 2002 heralded a brand-new era. We introduced our first IMPREG liner with UV curing, which led to a major growth spurt in the pipe liner market. Due to increased demand, a larger production site was necessary. As a result, the present headquarters of IMPREG GmbH and the IMPREG Group moved to Ammerbuch in 2006.

In the following years, we developed further innovative products (GL13, GL16, etc.) and expanded our production and sales locations. Today, we are a world-leading manufacturer of pipe liners with innovative UV technology. The IMPREG Liner GL16 is successfully installed in all economic regions (EMEA, AMERICAS, and APAC).

With our world’s first GRP pipe liner DN 2000, we are also already setting high standards for pipe and sewer rehabilitation. It is because of Robert Papp’s motivation, vision, and outstanding work that IMPREG is what it is today: a global player and an economically and structurally robust company with over 350 employees.


Thank you, Robert Papp!

Thank you Robert Papp 2022 Founder of IMPREGAfter more than 22 years as Managing Director of IMPREG GmbH and 6 years as COO of the IMPREG Group, Robert Papp relinquished his operational duties on 1 November 2022. With the Board’s approval, this was seen as the appropriate time to transfer responsibility. Karsten Müller, our CEO, is currently filling this role (on a transitional basis).

Robert Papp can look back on his “life’s work” with pride. His tireless commitment, his pioneering ideas, and his strong partnerships have successfully established our products in the German and global pipe and sewer rehabilitation industry.

He has played a pivotal role in IMPREG and the work he has done cannot be adequately described in words. Therefore, in heartfelt appreciation, we say “Thank you Robert – for everything! In addition, we are glad that you will continue to support us with your expertise for another three years as an external consultant to accompany IMPREG’s further growth path.”