Climate control is an important aspect for IMPREG! Therefore we are switching to climate-neutral green electricity “AmmerNatur”.

100% renewable electricity

IMPREG, the world´s leading manufacturer of GFK – UV Liners is switching both production sites in Germany, Production sites Ammerbuch and Gärtringen, to renewable green electricity. With the transition to 100% renewable electricity the company is participating in the reduction of CO2 emission in our world today. With the switch to alternative power supply, we continue to work towards our ESG goals.


Enormous CO2 reduction

IMPREG purchases AmmerNatur green electricityThe industrial use of electricity plays a large roll in todays climate control. IMPREG uses approximately 701.000 kWh a year for both production sites. That is the same amount 175 four headed households use. IMPREG wants to be a good example. As a business aware of its responsibility to reduce the carbon footprint they leave behind.

The transition to renewable green electricity “AmmerNature“ will lead to the result that the production sites in Ammerbuch and Gärtringen can reduce 256,6 Tons of CO2 emissions in one year in contrast to the German electricity mix without renewable electricity!

Mr. Will from the company IMPREG is certain:
“The topic of CO2 neutrality will become more and more important in the future. Also for our customers and thus become a real competitive advantage”.


Important for the region Ammerbuch

Not only is the climate damaging CO2-emission topic an important role for the company in Ammerbuch due to their sense of duty to the region, but also the cost factor in the constant rise on CO2 emissions taxes, which is increasing yearly from 25.- €/Ton in 2021 up to 55, – €/Ton in 2025.

The Profit from Green electricity “AmmerNatur” will flow directly back into the production of renewable energy in the region. Currently these funds from the community works are being used to install a photovoltaic system on the local gym´s rooftop in Pfaffingen. This project will begin in the following weeks ahead.

This ensures that the commitment of electricity customers leads to more electricity from renewable sources. And also thus to a greener electricity mix in Germany overall.


IMPREG: moving forward for the region

Half of the complete profit from the sales and generation of electricity flows back into the Ammerbuch community – in addition to the trade tax! As such, all citizens of Ammerbuch profit from the IMPREG company transition, which since their founding in 1999 have been committed to using the most advanced technologies in present time for the No DIG trenchless system with UV-Liners.

The managing director of the Community works in Ammerbuch, Mrs. Andrea Herrmann, appeals to all commercial businesses:
“Become a customer of your local community works and strengthen the regional independence from the large energy groups! By choosing the green electricity Rate, you support the local community works in the implementation of energy change in your own region!”“

Source: Press article 7.03. 2022