A distinctive feature of the iMPREGLiner is its yellow, patented outer foil. This protects the liner from UV rays and thus the danger of premature curing. It also protects the liner safely from damage during transport, storage and installation.

The inner foil, which remains in the liner as an installation aid until the curing process has been completed, takes on the function of a calibration tube. The liner and inner foil are dimensioned in such a way that there is slight overexpansion during installation, as a result of which the end product has a completely smooth surface.

During the curing process, as a result of these technically-demanding special foils, all chemical reactions take place completely separately from the environment and possible contact with ground water and soil is prevented.

The foils used are thus not just packaging material; they perform important tasks. Both foils have multiple layers of PA and PE and are specially designed for use in pipe rehabilitation.