We are the generation of the future

Apprenticeship at IMPREG
Hey, it’s obvious, if you want to make a career later on, you have to start in a company that is successful. And … importantly! that is sure to be successful in the future.

Take us, for example, IMPREG. We’re still a relatively young company. We’ve only existed since 1999, and yet we’re successful worldwide. Why? Because the founders of IMPREG had an idea that was as simple as it was ingenious: To repair defective pipes from the inside with innovative CIPP liners without having to dig up the earth. They believed in the idea and succeeded. Today, we are a high-tech company with unique solutions and a global leader.

Who will continue to write this success story in the future? Us. And you.

Apprenticeship job offers

Our job offers are only available in German.