Sewer rehabilitation using iMPREGLiner and UV curing is one of the quickest and most cost-effective rehabilitation procedures available on the market. Up to three pipes per day can be rehabilitated with the iMPREGLiner and put back into operation directly thereafter. The UV curing is notable due to high energy efficiency and thus preserves the environment. A major advantage of the UV technology is that the liners manufactured at the factory can be stored safely at normal temperatures of approximately 25 °C without special cooling and thus allow a great deal of flexibility with the job-site planning.

Compact and energy efficient installation equipment allows interruption-free execution of construction work both in municipal areas with heavy traffic and industrial areas where space is narrow.

The complete monitoring and logging of the installation process is far superior to that of other technologies.

Certified product manufacture and execution on the job site monitored by a third party make the UV technology the leading technology in trenchless sewer rehabilitation in the future too.