Flexible job-site planning is a given in trenchless pipe rehabilitation. Postponement of schedules can, due to weather, but also due to unforeseen delays through other factors, lead to a planned construction being interrupted and some liners only being able to be installed at a later point in time.

With the iMPREG system for UV curing, you have the greatest room for planning possible. The iMPREGLiner can be stored for up to 3 months when stored correctly at between 5 – 25°C. After this time, a quality check must be made on the material in order to ensure that the assured properties are also present after the manufacturer’s expiry date has been exceeded. This assessment is carried out in our testing rooms and is part of the guarantee.

Liners for thermal curing and all UV liners with thermal curing support are to be stored in a cool place and have an assured storage stability of three weeks after the date of delivery. A quality check as per the above model must also be carried out on these liners if the minimum storage date has been exceeded.

The storage requirements can be found on each transport box and in the delivery documentation and are available for our customers to download in the INSIDER Area on this website.