For the relative high-quality and economical execution of rehabilitation projects, you need the corresponding special equipment.

What is decisive for the investment decision is determining the dimension range in which rehabilitation can or should be primarily carried out. For smaller dimensions, or if rehabilitation is primarily carried out in industrial companies, it is advisable to invest in space-saving, smaller equipment. In contrast, for the execution of rehabilitation involving large-dimensions, in addition to the larger-sized UV light source equipment, special equipment for easier handling on the job site is also required.

You should take the following equipment into account when deciding on your investment:

  • UV equipment including generator and compressor
    mobile equipment for smaller diameters or work in small areas, container equipment, truck equipment
  • Packers depending on size or profile shape
    Packer set DN 150 – DN 500, double core for DN 600 – DN 1200, Jumbo core for DN 1200 – DN 1600 or egg-shaped profile packer
  • Cable winch 
    5 tonnes winch for small diameter dimensions and 10 tonnes winch for larger, heavier liners
  • Compressor
    at least 5 – 10 m³ power output
  • Sewer TV camera
  • Accompanying vehicle
    incl. generator and for the transport of liners on the job site
  • Installation aid
    for liners from approximately DN 600, such as a conveyor belt

We also offer you, both to help you start on your first job site and also to carry out one-off special projects, suitable rental solutions from our company. Find out about this under Rental Park

Furthermore, our technicians are happy to provide guidance and support in selecting the right rehabilitation equipment and to establish contact with equipment manufacturers and equipment providers.