Erles Umweltservice GmbH, Meckesheim Liner insertion over the balustrade of the castle terrace
Construction project: Heidelberg castle

iMPREGLiner GL01
227 m DN 400 in one insertion
46% incline, bending of up to 20°, 25 m height difference when inserting from the installation vehicle over the balustrade to the manhole, monitored liner insertion using the installation vehicle, with hydraulically-driven, profiled rollers

A requirement for the success of such long stretches and the extreme height difference is the construction from seamless, overlapping, longitudinal glass-fibre tracks of the iMPREGLiner (the material absorbs forces longitudinally)


Construction project: First iMPREGLiner DN 1500 project

iMPREGLiner GL13
260 m DN 1200, 55 m DN 1500
Curing of the first DN 1500 with KASRO Jumbo core 12 x 1,000 W
Installation of the DN 1500 and putting the sewer grid back into operation in just one working day by 8:00 p.m.


Construction project: Municipality of BillerbeckEgg-shaped profile

iMPREGLiner GL13
54 m DN 900, 22 m egg-shaped profile 1136 and 158 m egg-shaped profile 1262
Curing of the egg-shaped profile with KASRO Jumbo core
18 x 1,000 W
5 insertions, conclusion of construction work in five working days






Construction project: City of IngolstadtKasro Jumbo core

iMPREGLiner GL13
161 m DN500, 456 m DN1200 and 112 m egg-shaped profile 1136
Curing with KASRO Jumbo core 12 x 1,000 W
6 insertions, conclusion of the construction work in six working days



Swietelsky-Faber Kanalsanierung GmbHFirst iMPREGLiner DN 1600 project
Construction project: First iMPREGLiner DN 1600 project

iMPREGLiner GL13
26 m DN 625, 71 m DN 900, 25 m DN 1350 and 43 m DN 1600 impregnated with vinyl ester resin
First installation of a DN 1600 iMPREGLiner and putting the pipe back into operation in just one working day by approximately 8:00 pm.