7th International Operators’ Meeting 2020

7th International Operators’ Meeting 2020

iMPREG welcomes the world

111 participants from 11 countries fulfilled the invitation to the 7th International Plant Operator Meeting in Ammerbuch. A greater number of participants than ever took part in the training. They included application engineers, site managers, and exhibitors from our customers and partners. We were delighted that, in addition to many German participants, customers from Europe, the USA, and even Australia had also made the sometimes very long journey in order to participate in what was by now our 7th application training meeting.

Intriguing presentations and informative workshops

The cornerstone of the event was good planning and organisation. The Operators’ Meeting started the evening before with a relaxed get-together in the hotel in Herrenberg. Things really got going on the Thursday morning. After the welcome from Katrin Letzgus-Danhach, the informative presentations started. These included “Changes in the installation instructions, and frequent errors” from Oliver Vorlop (iMPREG GmbH) and “Quick Lock internal sleeves” from Katja Hansen (Uhrig).

Then the practical session was the order of the day. In five groups divided according to language, the participants worked their way around the various workshop stations. “Learning by doing” – practically and with a lot of interaction, the users were able to try things out themselves at the workshops. The experienced workshop leaders were on hand with useful tips and advice. For example, a test liner was cured, and there were workshops on the topics of Quick Lock, pressure samples, airlocks, and construction site samples. During the breaks, the catering service provided tasty snacks for the participants. The workshops were rounded out by an exhibition of equipment from our partners I.S.T., IMS Robotics, Streicher, ProKASRO, and Uhrig. As a reward for the intensive working day, in the evening the group met for a sociable and informal dinner in a traditional restaurant in Calw.

To close on the Friday morning, a guided tour through production halls for our iMPREGLiner was available for those interested.

Certificate relating to quality protection

Before the participants started on their homeward journeys, the coveted certificate relating to quality protection was handed out. This further underlines the importance of the 7th International Operators’ Meeting.


Happy faces on all sides. A completely successful event from which everyone gains. This means that the application technologists are once more fully up-to-date with matters, and iMPREG benefits from the refreshed specialist knowledge.

We are extremely grateful to our exhibitors and partners who enhanced the training incredibly with equipment, employees, and presentations.

The iMPREG team was very pleased with the international resonance. The positive feedback has already provided us with the broad outlines for the 8th International Operators’ Meeting 2021. The dates are set: 20 to 22 January 2021. We are already looking forward to it!