IMPREGLINER GL 13 [available on request]


The iMPREGLiner GL13 was developed in 2013 for the economical and effective rehabilitation of larger pipe diameters from DN 600 using a GRP pipe liner and UV curing. With the newly-developed glass construction, the liner type achieves a previously unique long-term elastic modulus of 14,900 N/mm². This guarantees the highest static requirements with low wall thicknesses and thus reduced liner weight – an important aspect, most of all when handling large pipe liners.

With the iMPREGLiner GL13, the iMPREG Group has continued to expand on its position as the technological leader in the interesting segment from DN 1200 upwards. The product launch opened a new, economically-interesting market for sewer rehabilitation by means of GRP pipe liner and UV technology, because it is most of all the large nominal diameter areas where the advantages of glass-fibre as a backing material for pipe liners are the most clearly evident.

Dimension DN 400 – DN 1600
Wall thickness 4,7 mm – 20,9 mm
E modulus (acc. to DIBt)
E modulus short-term E01 17.900 N/mm2
E modulus long-term E50 14.900 N/mm2
Flexural strength (acc. to DIBt)
Flexural strength  σ01  240 N/mm2
Flexural strength  σ50  200 N/mm2
Reduction factor 1,2