iMPREG makes history

iMPREG U.S. Makes History with the First 72” Liner!

impreg usa liner dn 1800 pipe impreg usa liner dn 1800 construction

iMPREG Group is proud to announce that iMPREG LLC made history on November 2nd ,  as the first company in the world to install a 72” UV CIPP liner!
Arold Construction out of Kingston, NY installed the 72” liner.  The weather was very unpredictable, having to schedule around Hurricane Florence and the liners arriving late, but iMPREG and Arold were able to get the liners in the ground when there was a break in the rain, with absolutely no problems! The liner cured in a little under 3 hours!

Congratulations to iMPREG U.S. and Arold Construction!

impreg usa liner dn 1800impreg usa liner dn 1800 result