In recent years, different requirement profiles have been created for inliner rehabilitation as an aid for planner and clients.

For the planning of the rehabilitation and ultimately an optimum result, it is necessary for the client to outline all known and process-related conditions in the tender. It is of course necessary in this respect for the client to have specialist knowledge of the requirements outlined in the requirements profile in relation to materials and approved procedures, in order to ensure competition in compliance with construction contract procedures. If such specialist knowledge is not possessed, a suitable engineering office should be commissioned.

The leaders in this field are the requirements profiles from the City of Hamburg and the Consortium of Southern German Municipalities in cooperation with the RSV (Rohrleitungssanierungsverband – Pipe Rehabilitation Association). In this requirements profile, the experiences and specialist knowledge of the client and contractors were used in updating the Southern German requirement profile.

In the requirements profile of the Southern German Municipalities, the planners and clients had an aid for the creation of an extensive and tender process. Furthermore, it should give companies that carry out this work the possibility to inform themselves of the requirements and conditions for being awarded such work and carrying it out in advance of the tender process.

The requirement profile of the Southern German Municipalities is available as a free download on the web site of the German Pipe Rehabilitation Association (in German only).