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Our CIPP liners in use – here you will find a selection of sample reference projects, with additional information, detailed explanations, and opinions.

First liner DN 2000 worldwide from IMPREG GmbH
First CIPP liner DN 2000 worldwide
First Liner DN 2000 worldwide
Location: Parma, Italien
Product: GL16
Length: 164 m
DN: 2000
WD: 11 mm
Installation of an IMPREG Liner egg-shape with large diameter
Successful renovation of large-profile pipes in Dortmund / Germany and the accompanying challenges, big and small
Egg-Shape 1200/1800
Location: Dortmund
Product: GL16
Length: 285 m
DN: 1200/1800
WD: 14,6 mm - 17,3 mm
Heavy IMPREG liner in the Netherlands
iMPREGLiner in the dunes of Katwijk in the Netherlands
laid in the dunes and discharges into the sea
Location: Katwijk, Holland
Product: GL16
Length: 250 m
DN: 1200
WD: 13 mm

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