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Welcome to IMPREG, a company that is breaking new ground.

A company that makes the impossible possible. We develop and produce CIPP liner systems using a high-tech process, for trenchless pipe and sewer rehabilitation. With our future-oriented CIPP liners based on fibreglass material, we master even the largest dimensions and highly complex remits.

And we ensure maximum quality at all times. Thanks to our innovative products and our insight, our activities are always resource-saving and environmentally conscious.

The new generation of liners.

The IMPREG liner GL16 was developed for all common pipes from DN 150 up to DN 2000. Thanks to very good material characteristics and new fibreglass design, more finely nuanced gradations of wall thickness can be produced.

The standard for trenchless pipe rehabilitation

Unique, proven-quality fibreglass fabric complex with a long working life of more than 50 years.

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