iMPREG Group expands internationally and has a new main shareholder

The iMPREG Group reinforces its position on the international market at the start of the year. Long-planned expansion into the Asian, South American and North American regions and into European markets goes hand in hand with a restructuring of the company’s ownership. The company is improving its position on the global relining market together with a new main shareholder, the Danish BWB Group.

The BWB Group acquired a share package from the previous owner Ivan Bjerg-Larsen and has been the majority shareholder at iMPREG since January 2016. It was of the utmost importance to Ivan Bjerg-Larsen to bring a strong partner on board as part of the company’s international repositioning. The high-tech company, the holding company of which has its headquarters in Denmark and a production plant in Germany, will retain both Ivan Bjerg-Larsen as well as Robert Papp as shareholders of iMPREG.

Above-average growth in new markets

The relining sector is focussing on the Asian as well as on the North and South American regions, which offer enormous potential and promise above-average growth rates. The iMPREG Group will expand its development of these promising future markets in the coming years. Furthermore, the Group will also reinforce its presences in the European markets that have been growing for many years.

Future-proof structures in Engineering and in Sales, coupled with an experienced team of motivated and expert employees, already form a promising basis for the upcoming expansion. Activities are already well under way particularly in the USA and China and branch offices are being set up there. The opening of a new production plant is planned for mid-2016 to ensure fast delivery to the Australian and Asian markets. The USA is also included in a strategy that aims optimum penetration of the entire American continent.

The BWB Group as a neutral partner

The opening up of international overseas markets offers massive opportunities for the iMPREG Group. As a medium-sized company, iMPREG will face new opportunities and new challenges. Expansion in developing markets will be particularly challenging and the iMPREG Group will have to tackle new tasks and problems with far-reaching consequences.

iMPREG looked around for a neutral partner to strongly address the vagaries of the new markets from the outset. Comprehensive international expertise and experience and knowledge of the business conditions, mentality and other core sectors in the key markets were all key factors influencing the choice of the new main shareholder. The new owner will also act as an investor, offering the iMPREG Group a broad financial framework for its global expansion.